Poetry Publications


“Progeny” | Alternating Current Press: Breathing While Black: Black Writers Respond to Police Violence Anthology, (forthcoming), [Print] [Republished]

“A Double Kwansaba for Piccolo from Dragon Ball Z” | The Pinch Journal: Issue 43.2 (forthcoming) [Print]

“An Ode to Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman” | Daily Drunk Press: Be Kind Rewind Anthology (forthcoming) [Print]


“Boardwalk Effigy” | Poet’s Choice [Print]

When Natalie Diaz Said, I Will Swing My Lasso of Headlights” | Variant Literature

Scriptures & Stoicism” | SoFloPoJo: Southern Florida Poetry Journal


Make Room for Chris L. Butler: Newcomer Elegy: A List of the Things I’ve Yet to Do in Canada” | Canada Culture Days [Reprint]

Lenapehoking Potholes” | HAD

Newcomer Elegy: A List of the Things I’ve Yet to Do in Canada” | Afros in Tha City

Texas Could Be Its Own Country II” | Fahmidan Journal: Issue 7 (Nominated for Sundress Publications 2022 Best of the Net)

808s & Heartbreak” | CV2: The Canadian Journal of Poetry and Critical Writing: Black Alive and Looking Back at You, [Print]

2 poems” | Fevers of the Mind Poetry

Who Will Survive North AmeriKKKa” | Hood Communist

2 poems” | Fahmidan Journal: Issue 5 When Mother Nature Wakes Up

I May Not Be From The Yay Area, But I Sure Do Love The Thizzle Dance” | The Daily Drunk Mag


On That Time We Went to Universal Studios Because Granny Hit the Lotto” | The Hellebore

Trap House Capitalism” | The Hellebore

Can’t Stop Won’t Stop” | Rejection Letters

Human Touch” | Wine Cellar Press

Bread and Circuses” | Ghost Heart Literary Journal

F*ck Yo’ Statue“| Ghost Heart Literary Journal

Things I Hear From Internet Trolls and Cyberbullies” | Ghost Heart Literary Journal

Progeny” | Lucky Jefferson Literary Journal (Nominated for the 2021 Pushcart Prize)

“Texas Could Be Its Own Country” | Dreams Walking Lit [Print]

“We The People” | Versification Zine

The Mixologist” | The Daily Drunk Mag

Rotten Fruit” | perhappened mag: issue 2: road

3 poems” | The Lumiere Review

“Battlefield” | Lucky Jefferson Literary Journal

Discernment” | Trampset Magazine

“Minneapolis” | Versification Zine


“Laissez Faire” | The Bayou Review [Print]

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